The Power Of Video Marketing For Small Businesses And Start Ups

Power Of Video Marketing For SMEs

Video Marketing is one of the best ways to increase on-page engagement by users. As reported by Adelie Studios, videos on landing pages can increase conversions by at least 80%. Moreover, they generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined! On the other hand, Break Media reports that video advertising spending is expected to reach $5.4 Billion by 2016, taking up 35% of the total online advertising budget.

Another research carried out by Cisco about consumer demand revealed that by 2020, 82% of consumer Internet traffic will be dominated by videos!

Facts about online video traffic

“Video Marketing is growing at a pace greater than the whole of Digital Marketing combined.”

There are two simple reasons why all these statistics are at a constant rise. Firstly, the advent of smartphones has made accessibility to online media prompt and trouble free. You no longer need a computer to watch online videos. Latest smartphone statistics by Ooyala confirm the notion about how mobile and tablet video views have sharply increased over the last three years.

The Rise Of Mobile Video

Secondly, online video marketing has the power to be highly targeted while gripping the viewers at the same time.

Both Google and Facebook provide you the facility to buy user data via keywords bidding. While Google (Youtube) makes use of the search history of Internet surfers, Facebook goes a notch ahead by considering what users engage with and whom they follow. Even Vine and Instagram are not far behind in upload metrics and engagement. But undoubtedly, Facebook is way ahead in the race based on engagement metrics and the unique innovative video features like profile videos and live telecasts of events that fixate users to the platform. While the former keeps the individual users on the loop, the latter feature is a goldmine for businesses. Live videos can be put to a wide spectrum of use like product unveilings, live interaction with customers, holding questionnaire sessions and what not.

Daily Video Views On FacebookThe above graph depicts the daily video views on Facebook, which have grown at a phenomenal rate since their inception. This gives a huge boost to marketers who want their video posts to reach a lot of people at an explosive rate.

Before the big bang of social media, video marketing was a huge task for businesses. Television was the main source of distribution, which used to burn a significant hole in the marketing budget and therefore, was always out of reach of bootstrapped Start Ups or SMEs. But today, videos can be made with a single camera within a room, creativity being at the core.

Instagram is one of the latest ships to hit the social media dock. It boasts over 500 million monthly active users. The day Instagram launched its video streaming feature in September 2013, it saw 5 million videos being uploaded within the first 24 hours. Moreover, the videos went on to generate 66% more engagement metrics than photos. It recently released an update in February which now allows marketers to track the number of views their videos generate.

Instagram’s potential is exemplified with the case of Zach King who has hit more than 14 million followers on Instagram with the help of highly innovative 20 second video clips like the one below:

Zach King On Instagram

Such creative techniques combined with the vision to sell products or services can do wonders for SMEs. Also, video marketing measures make more sense for SMEs than they do for corporations. This is because being comparatively low on budgets, SMEs cannot jump onto the SEO wagon and expect to hit it off with substantial organic traffic right away. Search engine optimization requires months of time and effort and is not a viable strategy if you want to reach a huge target audience in a short span.  Therefore, for quick results, the best bet here is to diligently use the potential of social media, and high quality videos are the fastest way to do that as they clock more reach than images or posts can ever do.

“Use social media extensively to make videos go viral and increase customer reach.”

Embedding videos on your landing pages surely does help boost the SEO of the company’s website. But that would not even be close to social media in “reach” metrics.

In today’s online space, a perfect marketing video is nothing more than the art of storytelling. The more emotions they invoke, the more engagement they command. Branding is the game here and a good script can entice humongous shares and make the video go viral in no time.

“Have a compelling storyline about your product/service.

Therefore, keeping all the points in mind, a strategic practice here would be to create an innovative marketing video that is backed by an absorbing story and upload it on your website’s landing pages as well as social media accounts on Facebook and YouTube (plus Instagram and Vine in case the videos meet their maximum runtime criteria).

Let’s take the case of the marketing team at Stayzilla who created an interesting stop motion animated video about their business’ concept and inception. The advert has clocked about 7.5 million views on Youtube.

Handcrafted Honey Bee, a US based business that designs creates fun and educational skin care kits for young girls, uses Video Marketing to create brand commitment. They used a music video to compete in the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made competition, collecting over 32,000 votes. “Whenever I have used video to explain a product, apply for a grant, or simply to entertain our customer base, I have found there’s a surge in our website hits, a rise in sales, and increased engagement on social media”, said Stacia Guzzo, CEO, Handcrafted Honey Bee. From 60-second silent tutorials on how to create DIY kits to time-lapse videos that show how the company sets up for shows, Guzzo doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to video marketing.

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