Getting subtitles right: 3 reasons why they are important!

Today social media swarms with great, captivating content. You have seen the rising trends and created great video content keeping your target audience in mind. Despite your toiling brains and best efforts, your videos aren’t reaching the views they deserve. Even in today’s time-strapped world, if we assume viewing has totally replaced reading, we would be wrong.


And perhaps that’s where your videos are falling short. Other than mp4’s, mpg’s and flv’s dominating our youtube lingo, there is another group of letters, which is perhaps the backbone of the success of all audio-visual content available online: SRT.


What is an SRT file?


The piratebay-hooked culture surely knows what an SRT file is but we are yet to understand its significance. SRT stands for SubRip SubTitle. It comprises all the aural information (dialogues, sounds, noises, background score) of your video.


In this blog, we are going to discuss how subtitles and captions multiply views dramatically and the reasons behind their sure success. This works the same for films, TV shows, promotion content or training videos.


Observe where and how people watch your videos. As said before, the whole world is time-strapped. On top of that, there are blaring traffic and lousy headphones. Most people watch online content when they are on a break amidst busy schedules: in transit, waiting in queues, bus stands and so on. For those times when the audio gets drowned, subtitles show the way.


They keep the viewers hooked to the content. The communion of viewing and reading has created this wholesome culture. It is also important to keep in mind that a percentage of your viewers may be hard of hearing. If you look at it long term and on a large scale, not adding subtitles excludes a huge number of people the world over. That is bad marketing. Adding subtitles and closed captions makes your videos inclusive. But mind you, everyone prefers subtitles, not just the aurally-impaired.


People engage more with captioned videos than non-captioned ones. Research shows that captioned videos retain more viewers till completion than non-captioned ones. It has also been observed that subtitled videos are shared more widely than their non-captioned counterparts. It proves subtitles increase comprehension, engagement and inclusion.


You ensure your reach as well as your SEO. Well, planned captions and subtitles work well to ensure your SEO rankings, filtering your content to the forefront through this giant pool of videos, graphics and articles. As the dwell time of your videos increases, it reflects positively on your rankings. It is one big cycle where captions complement SEO and the latter complements your ratings and rankings.


So, you catch the drift? It is not that difficult to add subtitles either. It just sounds so. Your videos should get the views they deserve and subtitles are your guiding light for that.


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