Should You Hire Branding Agency?

Branding Agency
Many companies still debate over the relevance of branding agency; the startups, in particular. What is the use of it? Is paying a bunch of people to do something that doesn’t even look important a good idea?
Evidently, this confusion emerges from lack of understanding on what really is branding and how it shapes a company’s future.
Have you hired a branding agency? Or are you one of those still debating over it?
Let’s understand this practically with a sound example.
Flipkart and Infibeam. These are India’s one of the topmost e-commerce platforms. However, it’s very likely that you have only heard of the former, even though the latter’s annual revenue stands around Rs 300 Crores.
Why is this the case? They are offering the same kind of products and offers, yet their sales and market recognition widely varies. Why?
The answer is Branding!
While Flipkart is much larger in size, Infibeam is an early player, incorporated back in 2007. It’s just as grand as any other e-commerce company, touting a big consumer base. Yet when it comes to market recognition, Infibeam stays on the ground when compared to Flipkart.
One of biggest difference makers is their branding efforts.
We’ve seen Flipkart flexing extravagantly on advertisements, while Infibeam has been conservative in its marketing budget. We’ve seen Flipkart shaping its brand with engaging and personalized commercials; on the other hand, we haven’t even seen Infibeam on television.
All these has resulted in Flipkart being a more popular and trusted name that millions love. This is what effective branding does.

Understand the Basics

Branding is the process of creating a distinct name and image of a product/service/brand in the consumers’ mind with the main motive to improve brand loyalty and sale. It aims to create a significant and distinct presence of a company, in the crowded market of competitors, which the target audience can recognize and connects to.
Contrary to common perception, branding isn’t solely about eye-candy advertisements. The process is a mix of various well-thought steps that are directed to attract and foster communication with the target audience on different channels. It’s not as much about the visuals but the message that those visuals deliver. For higher effectiveness, the message must be consistent and streamlined well the brand’s overall goals and long-term vision.

Benefits of Hiring Branding Agency

The agency helps shape the image of the company. This distinct, well-groomed and relevant image, if pushed well with the right campaigns, can do wonders for the company by easily separating them from the competitors, building loyal customers and boosting sales. One of the biggest advantages is, even with lower budget, a new company can easily outdo its established and successful counterparts, if they have a good branding strategy.
So the answer to your ever-existing questions…

  • How to increase sales?
  • How to beat the top competitors?
  • How to elevate brand loyalty?
  • How to be a top name is the industry?

…. is Branding!
So stop debating, switch the confusion and hire branding agency today. These days, many top marketing agencies also offer branding solutions. Check if yours do. If they do, you won’t need to find expert film makers or branding solution provider. Your marketing agency can easily streamline their overall strategies with better branding approach.
If your marketing agency doesn’t cater clients on the branding end, start looking for an agency that does.



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