Saluting Mothers On Father’s Day

Saluting Single Mothers On Father's Day

In a scenario where every brand has a reason to vouch for, the ones who stand out are either staying with the flow or have a reason not to. It does not indicate their choice but helps reflect their personality. In this everlasting race of differentiation, the ones who stick to storytelling do hint some character. The product has to be good. Lets us presume every product is.

The previous week went by and the sales have clocked all attributes. Right from Archies to, every marketer had a reason to make his/her presence felt. Going by the context of grammar, every brand is meant to be a she. It is the mother who is the dominion of all needs.

Snapdeal #FathersCanBeMothersTooSnapdeal caught our attention on the eve of Father’s Day with its campaign #FathersCanBeMothersToo. It celebrates the changing role of fathers in society and applauds fathers who take pride in hands on parenting. It aims to change the universal diaper changing sign by including fathers as well, “We hope that people adopt the new sign and question practices like this, which have been taken for granted all these years”, said Kanika Kalra, Vice President, Marketing, Snapdeal.

Let us also weigh an example here. ‘My daddy the strongest‘ used to be a strong campaign. It did pull out a lot of mettle in terms of product placement. Every product getting cooked back then wanted to be healthy and stand tall. Yet, Dhara chose children to speak their mind. Afflicted a cause amongst the hoard of consumers who thought staying fit was their prerogative. Their children spoke their mind better. What a campaign. Mind the brief. It is the fuel behind the fire and thus gender plays a tricky role in substantiating opinions. Indeed. It leads to the depiction of cause, no matter which angle the story deflects from or upon.

Stereotyping gender is an apparition we come across as views. It helps us co-relate with societal acceptance we live, have lived. Also suggestive of roles that social parabolas have defined ahead. Trends are set for and by those who come out of it either by negation or sheer experience.

Last year, around end of May, Anouk the apparel brand associated with Myntra produced a TVC titled ‘bold is beautiful‘ covering the nuances of single motherhood. They heavily propagated how an unbalanced relationship can be equally strong on foothold. Emboldening women, webbing modernity with tradition. The creative duties were taken care by Ogilvy and Mather India. It coined a question. Ethnicity can be equally bold.

One more to the alibi would be ‘Share the Load‘ campaign that has done BBDO India proud. It was published on Youtube on February 21 this year. A symbiotic recall of the past by a father and how it reflects its presence upon his daughter. His inability to change a course for her as he bore the same towards her mother. The thought resonates a mature take on society and how hypocrisy cannot be our solution. The campaign has been doing effective marketing rounds and the storytelling reflects numbers. A bronze lion, Cannes 2016 on June 22 marks a way forward for this strategic thought to float into various sub-categories too. Well, time will tell.

We shared an article last week on the eve of Father’s Day where emergence of storytelling by ‘Google‘ was hinted upon. Well, that was where we felt that the other side can be equally interesting and worth doing a round for.

Here it is:

This latest piece of communication by Raymond is doing its round and reaching out to people who cherish the absence of their father. Why this day be any less for anyone? As a matter of fact, the idea of having so many days is odd to everyone except the marketers. As would agree most consumers.

Published on Youtube on June 17, Raymond has come up with its symphony once again. The age old cherish of the long piano still adorns every ear as new visuals keep cascading various shades of life. Well the suit makers certainly have a choice and hint the greys. This advertisement inches a minute overall. Shares a simple thought of a son sweetly gifting his mother. His father she is. No qualms to express but to show how little hints of absence make bonds grow stronger.

Raymond’s creative agency, Famous Innovations, has worked on this campaign. According to Raj Kamble, founder and chief creative officer at Famous Innovations, it was a “brave decision” on the brand’s part. “Today the complete man is not just an individual; it’s an idea and we wanted to justify that through the campaign,” added Kamble.

Famous Innovations have been endowed with ‘The National Laadli award for Gender Sensitivity in 2014’ for Raymond and the work carries forward and brings forth further explorations for the brand.

The film is well shot on interiors and displays a mature sense of understanding of the tradition behind the brand. The small moments generate a sense of static feel to it. Neither any laugh exceeds, nor any tear is pushed for the wallet. This is the group that legacy looks forward to. Always has. Who in our country will not resonate with the father son image they have endured for decades now?

Well, it was time they got the sonnet singing the mare. This advertisement is a mature transition of Raymond’s brand belief and will go a long way to eschew the modern minds of today. It is a reality that no one looks forward to. Yet there is no reason to shy away from it.

After all, every child bears a father. That is a want. Is it not?

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