Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

The handset TVC ends with, “Cheer for India” in that completely foreign accent.

I will.

Some say, marketers are not the true representation of the real consumer. The difference between a marketing mind and non-marketing consumer’s mind is the ability to observe, appreciate little things & then express it in a specific style.

Minds make little notes and archive them forever.

While I watch the fresh telecom ads in between the overs, the mind recalls a small incident this morning.

I was at the electronic zone in a departmental store at Mall of India, Noida trying to figure what went wrong with my latest selfie phone that just went dead on charging 2 days ago. Good things happen and it picks up the charge instantly at the counter. I felt like a fool coming all the way.

Almost embarrassed yet happy, I ask the salesman – “Just in case I need this in future – where is the nearest  service centre?” He says ” I don’t know. Let me please check and get back. It is is very close to this specific metro station”.  Asked him if he could put the full address and the landmark details on a piece of paper for me. He did not. Surprised at the casual attitude, I walk out asking them to charge the phone for sometime.

I return a bit later to pick up my phone. I ask another sales executive, “can you help me with the exact location of the service center?”

Sales Executive :  “Sir you can call Just Dial and ask for the exact location. They can provide this information.”

Do I need to say anything more?

Of course I have the JustDial app on this very phone but sometimes the mind wants to chat and experience a personal interaction. Old fashioned? Maybe.

Then what’s the reason why I bought this selfie phone from a mall store and not online with some discounts and more cash back.

Point is, every mind archives & retrieves such conflicting notes – you buy a smart priced, good-looking phone, you see the brand & the celebrity endorsements through out the match but your mind recalls a small experience like above. Of course it was not the handset’s brand outlet. That’s not the point.

The mind doesn’t question, if this is bad customer service from the electronics sub brand in the larger departmental store or poor sales, distribution training from the handset brand.  Can’t say, in reality it just may be a bad day for those hardworking sales executives.

A consumer’s mind doesn’t care, while we marketers must.

India is at 42-6 and tonight these white balls are ballooning out from the bat like water filled Holi balloons from the Chinese Pichkaari .

Good Night, time for some prayers.



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  1. Sandeep Jain on May 29, 2016 at 5:23 am

    Dear Modiji,
    Experience you have shared is very common with all of us now a days.
    More we are moving to online or new technologies more this is happening.
    In good old times we used to purchase all products personally from some known shops and we get some personal feeling and sense of relief that if something wrong will happen with our product we can go and ask that person and get it repair quickly if possible.

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