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Marketing is one of the most crucial parts of running a successful business. A good product may not garner attention from the customers if you do not have any successful marketing agenda attached to it. The introduction of the Internet has made the marketing angle easier for startups and other small business. Productive use of these marketing strategies can help you gain a significant boost in your sales, and that is the primary reason of informing you about the various low budget marketing ideas you can implement in your business.

Prominent Marketing Ideas:

1. Referral Programs

This is one of the most sought after techniques which has been implemented by many successful companies that use the existing customer base to attract more customers. There are various forms of referral programs like affiliate programs, partner programs, and customer referral programs. Depending on your market research and the need of the company, a particular program needs to be put into action. Once this is done, you need to use the awareness of your customers to target more customers towards your product. You can implement referral programs through tools like LoginRadius which helps you manage customer registrations and helps keep their data secure.

2. Consumer Driven Branding

The world of marketing is driven by customer sovereignty. Customers’ demands need to be satiated with customized products to add a personal touch to them. By consumer driven marketing I mean instances where companies run social media contests or apps that provide fan engagement. Analysis of the same needs to be done and successfully carried out so the company can target customers of certain demographic segments, geographic sections etc. A great marketing strategy for customer oriented marketing is using hashtag contests in which customers upload their pictures on Instagram with the product and hashtag it to make it viral. Winners of this contest may receive merchandise or a gift hamper which makes it competitive. Watch this video for insights into customer driven marketing:

3. Content Marketing

An important tool for marketing, content writing is an essential entity that helps you sell your product. The content designed for your product will be published on various forums and platforms that inform the customers about the necessity and value of your product. There are myriad ways by which you can get a real outreach to your customers. Some of the forms of content marketing include e-books, paper, blog posts, webinars, podcasts, and case studies along with captivating videos. All these elements will add more specificity to your product and highlight them. This form of marketing can be used in various contexts and in creative ways to build a good platform for your product. Tools like Hootsuite can go a long way in helping you set up social media content calendars for an effective content marketing channel strategy. Here is a video from Entrepreneur that explains the 4 laws of content marketing for a successful campaign. Check it out:

4. Meet Ups

If you are looking to have a personal interaction with a particular clientele base, then it is essential to have a meetup with your target audience. There are various sources which will plan a meetup for you. These forms of personalized marketing strategies will help you have a better bond with your customers and over the years it has proven beneficial for many small companies help build their brand recognition. Hootsuite is a great tool that can help you organize such meetups.

5. Email Marketing

What easier and inexpensive way to market your idea when you are equipped with an email facility? The email system will allow you to target customers from certain demographic sections. Emails have proved to be useful for startups since they have a good conversion rate from target audience to customers. The main benefit of this system is that you can add a touch of personalization to your product which will entice your clients. For example, if you have a database of the name of your customers, you can add the name of the client at the beginning of the mail along with a greeting to connect with him at a personal level. Email marketing tools like MailChimp will help you manage the same.

Below is a video from Wix with various tips that can be used to help optimize your email marketing campaign for a better ROI.

6. Working In Tandem

Working with your partners and with other related businesses is a great way to grow your business. The initial expense plan of your journey may be cumbersome for you to take on. But with the help of related businesses or partners, you will be able to cut a tremendous amount of cost from your budget. You can also team up with partners like Google who will aid the marketing approach of your startup or small business.

7. Social Media Networking

The idea of marketing has been revolutionized with the introduction of social media networks. Facebook, Reddit, Quora and Google have worked extensively for such startups to increase their outreach exponentially. Marketing through these mediums will raise the brand value of your product, and you can use this network to connect with a specific set of people. Using the ‘Pay-per-click’ framework, you can make sure that you pay only when your target audience clicks on your advert. This technique would work best for businesses who are directly selling IT or tangible products. Watch the video below to understand the enormous potential of the social media networks and how they have shaped the marketing world:

8. Blogging and Forums

Participating in group discussions, forums and creating blogs will help you get a better outreach for your business. You can engage in intelligent discussions through blogs and articles and build a good rapport with various clients. This helps in establishing a brand name for your product as well as creates an awareness for it.

These are the most intelligent ways of marketing your product with minimal usage of financial resources. Above mentioned techniques, coupled with creativity, can give a huge boost to your business by bringing in more customers.

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