Incredible Technology You Can’t Buy Yet

Incredible Technolofy You Can't Buy Yet

Every 12 to 18 months, computers and information technologies around the world double their computational abilities, and become a thousand times more efficient with every passing decade. With such compounding growth based on the law of accelerating returns, it is almost impossible to predict the advancements in technology years from now.

The graph below gives us an idea of the expected exponential growth around the world in the next 10 years.

Technological Advancement In 10 Years

Every year, there are numerous reports of unbelievable tech that would hit the market in the near future. Let’s take a look at the latest prototypes and gadgets that may hit the market soon through crowdfunding platforms around the world:

1. Toasteroid

This Kickstarter project may seem like an ordinary toaster, but it also does the job of being your weather forecaster, doodle pad and private messenger. All you have to do is doodle into the companion smartphone app, or choose from an existing pool of templates, insert the bread and Toasteroid will take care of the rest. The project has already raised $15,000 with the help of more than 150 backers. The video below explains exactly how it works:

2. Figment VR

Virtual Reality is indeed taking the world by storm. Since the advent of Oculus Rift, the field has grown exponentially with numerous apps and products coming to life in the space. Figment VR is another such project that aims to do what we all have been waiting for – converting your smartphone into a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) device. It comes as a simple cover case in which your smartphone can directly fit. Simple to use triggers on the sides pop open the VR viewer. A VR app like Google Cardboard, Jaunt VR or Vrse can then be used to immerse into a virtual world of your choice.

3. ULIO 3D Printer

If you are thinking what a 3D printer is doing on the list, wait till you hear what it does – ULIO is a 3D printer that can print other 3D printers. So basically, we have technology now that has the ability to reproduce. The product is a high quality 3D printed device which users can use to print more such devices in a range of filament colors, including glow-in-the-dark. The video below explains how the concept works:

4. ModoBag

ModoBag is an innovative luggage which you can drive. Instead of pulling your suitcase throughout the airport, you can simply sit on it and drive it around. On a single charge, the bag is capable of slogging through six miles at a speed of 8 mph. Usually, humans walk at an average speed of 2-3 mph. Thus, ModoBag enables you to traverse distances at about thrice the speed. And of course, it comes with a braking system to prevent any mishaps. Moreover it also consists of a GPS tracking system through which you can keep an eye on the bag with the help of a companion Android or iOS app. The crowdfunding campaign has already surpassed its goal on Indiegogo with a collection of more than $300,000 which is 600% more than their target amount of $50,000!

5. ELF Emmit

Would you buy a head-band that has the power to change your mood? This is exactly what Emmit does. The device emits low-frequency electromagnetic pulses that can enable you to choose from five moods, sleep better at night, concentrate and manage stress levels. Released pulses from this FDA approved device somewhat allow you to change your brainwaves to achieve the desired results.

Watch the explainer video below for more details:

6. Nanofarm

Replantable – a startup based out of Georgia has come up with self sustainable indoor garden pods with the ability to provide an artificial harvesting environment so that you can grow your veggies yourself. The innovation makes use of LEDs that are synchronized with the spectrum of natural daylight and also acts as a ventilation system by providing your plants with the carbon dioxide in your house and spurting out oxygen rich air in return.


7. Frodocam

Developed by Mumbai based start up NexGear, Frodocam is a strap-on action camera which can be worn like a wristwatch. It comes with an internal storage of upto 64 GB and shoots full HD videos. Sync the camera with your smartphone and you can edit and share the recorded footage in no time. The app uses an evolutionary alogrithm to scan the clip and chooses the best parts of the video according to the user’s preference.

Take a look at their Indiegogo video here:

Such innovative projects always tend to push the limitations of the abilities of everyday technology. This is what makes them pivotal in being the building blocks in the process of introducing disruptive tech in the market.

Innovation never goes out of style.



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