Digital Marketing? Nah, It’s Content Marketing In 2018!

Digital Marketing? Nah, It’s Content Marketing In 2018!

While few years back spray-and-pray marketing strategies did well to deliver companies on their needs in the digital sphere, things have taken a complete 360 degree turn today. Even the black hat SEO practices have went into obscurity and content marketing has finally inched to a spot where it always belonged—at the very top.

Be it in social media, email, or search engine optimization, every form of digital promotion now requires high-quality, engaging and personalized content for higher conversion. We’re in a mix of content marketing wave—and if you haven’t already adapted to this trend, you’re doing a disfavor to your business.

More and more marketers are joining this bandwagon every day. In fact, in a survey, 60 percent of them have admitted of creating at least one piece of content every day. And why not really, given content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads.

Outbound marketing is passe. To attract, engage, convert and delight a relevant target audience, you should take up inbound approach of attracting prospects. Blogs, articles, videos, images and infographics play a major role in helping customers to have a memorable journey, guiding them from one stage to other, quickly and effectively, without boring their interest and putting them off.

So if you’re diagramming a course of action, for 2018, to grow and sustain your business, stop obsessing digital marketing—be specific with content marketing. DON’T plan “how to attract customers online”;  DO be definite with “how to use content to attract customers online”. In short, explicitly, keep content at the center of your marketing strategy. Because the number suggests that conversion rates are nearly 6 times higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters.

Start by hiring one of the bestcontent writing agencies in India to help you produce quality and engaging content every day. 64 percent of B2B marketers outsource writing—it’s convenient and cost-effective. Additionally, don’t just focus on text contents; make videos, podcasts and infographics. Hire audio mixing companiesand designers if DIY isn’t working.

Next to creating engaging content, distribution is an important topic. So know where you’re going to distribute the content; identify channels which are more relevant and rewarding.

In short, in 2018, make a kick ass content marketing strategy and see your business fly high in the digital sphere.



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