Being A GOOD Content Writer Won’t Win You Clients (THESE WILL!)

Being A GOOD Content Writer Won’t Win You Clients (THESE WILL!)

We’re living in a time when being good isn’t sufficient.

With the competition level in nearly every professional field soaring high, to be at the top, you have got to bring much more on the table than just ‘being good’.

This is even more important for content writers in India, whose numbers are climbing to new heights by every passing day. Your only way of survival with more-than-marginal-return is by standing out from the crowd.

But then again, “standing out” is easier said than done. You’ve got to do things that others aren’t doing and do away from rules that others are following. Does this sound straightforward? Of course, no!

If things were that easy, every “good professional” would have clients swarming to them.

But hey, don’t be disheartened!

There are things that can put you at the top of your game; things that can win you accolades for being a content writer, more number of clients than others.

Here’s what can put you ahead:

A beautiful looking portfolio website

As important as it is, you would be surprised just how many content writers don’t have a website of their own. Just being there on freelancing websites and social media platforms is not adequate. You need a platform where you enjoy the freedom and creativity to tell potential clients who you are, what you do and what you have done.

A portfolio website with work samples and the list of your past clients is very important. Doing a bit of SEO on the website will make things even better.

Now you don’t need to hire website and logo design agencies in India to do things perfectly. The DIY steps are more than sufficient. Get a nice, simple, and fast website running on WordPress or Blogger and you’re good to go.

A profile on marketing marketplace

Freelancing platforms like Upwork are a complete mess right now. With so many regulations at work and humongous competition on every level, winning bids for new content writers is almost next to impossible.

In short, freelancing platforms are passe. Marketing marketplace is the new “it” for content writers. Few of the top names like YellowBulbs have emerged on the scene that is seamlessly connecting professionals with relevant clients much easily, quickly and affordably.

Make a profile there and see your client’s list grow by passing week.

Good communication skill

You’re a writer. But you need to be just as good in verbal communication. It is imperative. You need to be engaging in your conversation, know when to say what and how to convince others. Because getting clients is all about how you effectively communicate with them in early stages.

You must look empathetic and say all the right things that the potential clients want to hear. Sadly, this is a skill that can’t be learned overnight. You gain it after years of practice.

These are 3 things that will stand you out in the crowd, making you one of the top choices for required expert content writer for different clients. Admittedly, it won’t be this simple as mentioned here. However, the key is to out-do your competitors so that the clients spot you better.



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