A Marketing Festival!

India has 33 crores Gods and Goddesses, some say. We believe there are nearly those many festivals in the country across her length and breadth all throughout the year. Especially in the months of October and November festivals increase the intent to buy, share and spread cheers. Ranging from Pongal to Deepavali, from Ganesh Chaturthi to Durga Puja, from Navratri to Dhanteras, marketing campaigns of several brands are crafted with special inclination to festivities.

India’s e-commerce market is ranked 3rd in the world with an annual growth rate of 51% which beats all the others. Moreover, in a country like India decisions of purchase during the festive season are driven mostly by emotions; brands attempt to drive sales by releasing campaigns that enthuse the festive spirit by appealing to people’s emotions as a way to generate engagement with the brand.

Earlier it used to be brands luring consumers in with lucrative sales offers and new launches, but brands now understand that in a sea of choices, an effective marketing strategy is one that connects the brand space with that of the festive feeling.

Let’s run your through a few campaign which we think hit the right note:

Brand: Swiggy India
Festival: Diwali
Campaign: Yeh Diwali, Khaali haath kisiko waapas nahi bhejtey hain!
What worked: A deep sense of empathy coupled with the core essence of Diwali touched millions of hearts! The child stands for a collective voice who feels Diwali is to be celebrated with everyone, even your Swiggy delivery guy.

Brand: Tanishq
Festival: Durga Puja
Campaign: #EiPujoTanishqerShaje
What worked: Celebrating the preparation that goes into the making of Durga Pujo along with a special gift to the daughter, for Durga Pujo is all about the homecoming of Uma, the daughter of the house.

Brand: Asian Paints
Festival: Diwali
Campaign: #PeopleAddColour
What worked: Asian Paints latest move on a macro storytelling has resulted in #PeopleAddColour. The first film dated 8th Oct talks about a couple whose son stays abroad as a paying guest. This drives them to make a smart move and arrange for a series of paying guests and Asian Paints’s aptly titled hashtag on how people keep on adding colours in our lives.The latest in this series showcases the couple and a new paying-guest who assists them in their diwali decorations.

Tapping into the hitherto untalked well settled & growing elderly generation of India and crafting a story around them has been a recent hit (remember Asha and Bala from the Vodafone ads?), and Asian Paints has been smart to ride on that wave and weave a connected storytelling via one single strand – #PeopleAddColour.
India is a land of festivals, and #PeopleAddColour is not only brand-relevant but culturally-relevant too.

Brand: Tanishq
Festival: Diwali
Campaign: #TanishqWaliDiwali
What worked: Diwali is vibrant, Diwali is multi-cultural, Diwali is national, and Tanishq manages to capture the entire Kaleidoscope of emotions, right across age-groups to geographically-diverse to to multi-religious facet otherwise known as India.

Brand: HP India
Festival: Diwali
Campaign: Go Local – Asha Ke Diye
What worked: Diwali is all about spreading the light of hopes and happiness. Here, in an equivalent manner, by spreading the word about the woman who sells earthen lamps for Diwali, the child reaches out to a greater network of people who eventually come to her streetside store to buy lamps. The core essence that Diwali best wishes could diffuse among all known and unknown people in a person’s life has been asserted in a festive light. This is perhaps one campaigns that cut across all socio-econo-political segmentation. Not just the brand’s published video being shared numerous times, prominent facebook groups and populated whatsapp groups downloaded the same and share it across. In fact some of us are still getting forwards of it, days after Diwali.

Umeed ka Diya

One small step taken by all of us can bring along a big difference in someone else’s Diwali. Support the street vendors, our lights brighten their homes too.#TuJashnBan kisi ki zindagi ka, an HP India initiative. https://bit.ly/2CY6omJ

Posted by HP India on Thursday, November 1, 2018

Brand: Edelweiss India
Festival: Diwali
Campaign: #AdviceZarooriHai
What worked: The age-old potion of “safe” Diwali has been poured into a new glass. An essential involvement of the Mumbai Fire Brigade in advising citizens to have a safe and secure diwali brings an absolutely new touch to the caution which does not remain a cold disclaimer anymore and becomes more of a responsibility.

Brand: Legrand India
Festival: Diwali
Campaign: #ComeHomeToCelebrations
What worked: A very impactful initiative by Legrand India to make sure that electricians who light up others’ houses on Diwali eve by staying away from their own, get to come back to a well-lit house flooded with Diwali lights and happy faces. The key idea here is to take care of the one who is making sure that celebrations of hundreds are in proper place.

Brand: Mahindra India
Festival: Diwali
Campaign: Go home this Diwali
What worked: Mahindra India, which basically makes adventure cars and drives the passionate traveller out of homes to the mountains and other terrains is urging them to get back home this Diwali by initiating the celebration right while driving. The pivotal element of celebration coupled with driving serves as a warm message of Diwali to all who love driving Mahindra.

Brand: Vodafone India
Festival: Diwali
Campaign: #LookUp
What worked: A family staying under the same roof could has gadgets with really good network with no connectivity among each other. Vodafone brings to light the best mode of connectivity, that is, being together with one’s near and dear ones on Diwali, thus redefining their primary product of network and connectivity.

An array of campaigns from brands all over; we too dipped our feet generously in this river of festive feels. Here’s talking about some campaigns close to our heart. Do let us know what you think about them.

Brand: Success Menswear
Festival: Durga Puja
Campaign: Festive keys to Success
What we tried to make work: The core concept was to unravel clothing and play with one of its key components as an element of celebration. Buttons, which are key elements of clothing, were the fundamental components of the visual representations. The buttons had been treated as elements in Pujo signifiers like Chaalchitra, Dhaak, an auspicious symbol on the Kalash, the perfect platter and so on. This created a festivity out of clothing towards a larger celebration of Pujo.

Brand: Sangbad Pratidin
Festival: Durga Puja
Campaign: Pujo Perfect
What we tried to make work: When the whole city swings to the beats of Durga Puja, some people are left out of it owing to their professions from dawn till dusk. YellowBulbs created posts for the cab driver, the traffic police, the priest and so on who work ceaselessly to make Puja perfect for the rest of us. The objective here was to wish a perfect Puja to them as well. A careful selection of images suggestive of the corresponding professions by revealing part of their uniform or activities with wishes were designed.

Brand: Sangbad Pratidin
Festival: Durga Puja
Campaign: Puja Barshiki (October Edition of the Magazine) cover
What we tried to make work: The collation of prose, poetry, plays and more works of literature had to be loaded with the fragrance of Pujo to be revealed just by turning the pages. The release of the magazine brought a sense of proximity to Durga Puja to its readers as if every other activity of the festival had yet more time to initiate but much ahead of all that, the freshness of Puja was right in their hands in the form of the magazine. Photoshoots were organized with elaborate setups of elements of the rituals like sandalwood bar, flowers, rice-paste floor motifs and so on arranged together to recreate the act of the ritual.

An organic ideation and execution of ideas are always steps ahead for the right portrayal of the brand, its product and communication with the client or the consumer. Festivals make that easy yet difficult for the brands; easy because emotions are a given; and difficult because everyone’s talking about it – after all what do you say about Diwali or Durga Puja that hasn’t been done to death before? Well, marketers say where there’s will, there’s a way.



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