5 Indian Advertisement Trends to Look For In 2018

5 Indian Advertisement Trends to Look For In 2018
The dynamics of advertisement industry has changed drastically in the past few years. From outrageously stupid commercials to masterpiece storytellers—the industry has all come a long way in every sense. And this run of good progress isn’t halting even this year.
In fact, in 2018, there’s a lot to look for in the Indian advertisement industry. The expenditure will increase, small players would jump on the scene, the creative concepts will take another turn, and a lot more will happen.

Here are 5 Indian advertisement trends you should look for in 2018:

Advertisement spending will grow

This year, ad spending in India will grow at 8.4 percent rate, reaching Rs 58,442 crore. This surge will, in part, due to smaller and digital brands jumping on the scene.
We’re already seeing online portals like MensXP – an e-lifestyle magazine for men – rigorously promoting its platform on television. A one-of-a-kind, really, that will open the door for others to venture.

Online advertisement will come in mainstream

By the end of 2016, digital advertisement spend was estimated to be around Rs 7,300. It was expected to cross Rs 9,700 crore mark by the end of 2017. While there isn’t any hard analysis available right now, one can easily assume it to skyrocket in 2018, give all time high internet penetration even among rural Indians.
In short, this year, online advertisement will come in mainstream. Brands will make exclusive advertorial video content for channels like YouTube and Facebook.

Creators will work closely with media planners

There has always been this myth that says once you advertise your business, customers will follow. Over the months and years, many brands have learned the fact hard way.
Just making good advertisements isn’t enough today. From distribution to launch time, they must be in sync with overall media planning. This slow dawning in the overall approach will bring creative people closer to media and analytics professionals.
This move would help businesses be cost-effective and more efficient in their advertisement strategy.

Celebrity brand endorsements will fade

Remember the backlash reined on Snapdeal because its brand ambassador Aamir Khan made a controversial remark few years back?
That whole episode, along with many others, has taught brands a big thing—having a famous brand endorser isn’t all glam. A mistake of that individual can have repercussions on the brand.
Due to this reason, along with few others (celebrity brand endorsements are delivering lower ROI), many companies are already doing way from this practice. Some of the big companies are now relying on new and unknown faces – focusing more on storytelling – in their advertisements.
We will see more of this trend in 2018.

The content type will shift

Only recently, Indian Government banned condom ads on TV from 6 am to 10 pm. Along with that, there have been numerous controversies regarding the content of advertisements, fringe group targeting such brands online on a regular basis.
To play safe, and comply with restrictive regulations and scrutiny, advertisers will change the type of content to something more conservatives that would, luckily, focus more on engagement and storytelling.
These are 5 Indian advertisement trends we should look forward to in 2018.
Exciting and challenging year for the industry, isn’t it?




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