5 Digital Marketing Steps That Will Help You Outdo Competition In 2018

5 Digital Marketing Steps That Will Help You Outdo Competition In 2018
Here’s the biggest misconception on the marketing scene right now: To topple down your established competitors, you need to spend a fortune on promotional strategies.
Yes, this is a “misconception”! Because the fact is, even with marginal marketing budget, you can still outdo your most successful competitors. All you need to do is bring creativity and consistency on the table.
If your business, too, is struggling with stiff competition from big players, here are 7 digital marketing steps that will help you edge them in 2018:

Be selective in your social media channels

If you’re trying to be everywhere, you’ll be nowhere.
Many brands try to target their audience through every social media platform. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, SnapChat, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Quora… phew!!! They try to be everywhere, thoughtlessly. And the worst part is, even when they are not getting any evident return, they continue to spend the same amount of resource on all platforms.

Don’t do this!

Instead, push your business on only those social channels where you are getting good ROI. Be selective here. If there is a limited (and relevant) number of platform that you have to handle, you will focus more, have more time to be creative in campaigns, and all your efforts will be more concentrated.
In short, with limited channels, you can be rewarded more.

Add a blogger in your team

Storytelling was already the biggest marketing strategy of 2017. This New Year, this trend would spiral to even further heights. So if you aren’t already telling a story of your brand to your audience, do it now!
Hire one of the best bloggers in India. A good and qualified professional can effectively help you tell your story via personalized and engaging write-ups.
Remember, the simple mantra is—the better you connect with your audience, the better would your business do. And a blogger can help you easily in this department.

Invest in PPC campaigns

For every $1 spent on AdWords, businesses get an average return of $2.

Many people sigh-away from PPC ads due to the initial investment it brings. If you’re one of them, change that mindset. Start creating awesome ad campaigns in 2018—if done right, the return would be quite high.
Start with AdWords. Creating campaigns is quite easy. Although you need to spend quite a lot of energy in keyword research! Next, Facebook Paid Advertisement is also a great option.
Do your research properly, make the campaigns interesting, and maintain a perfect balance between promotion and entertainment.
PPC campaigns, if done correctly, can easily help you edge the competitors by reaching your target audience – and increasing brand recognition – quickly.

Promote interesting video ads

With video consumption rising on social media platforms, video marketing is already in the mainstream. If you aren’t already leveraging this, do it now.
Make promotional (but interesting) video ads and distribute them on different channels. Whiteboard videos are crazily popular these days. To ensure things are dot perfect, video editors and jingle writers needed. Hire them!

Partner with competitors

Not everyone out there in your industry is competitors. Instead of competing with them, you can even form some kind of partnership. Alone, your growth would be slow. But when walking with a partner, your business can grow by leaps and bounds.
So look out for a nice company in your niche. And instead of going head-to-head, go hand-in-hand with them. Find cooperation, shared goals and work together.
These are 5 simple steps how you can edge the competing companies in 2018 with smart digital marketing and business strategies.



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