4 Bonehead Usability Mistakes Your Website Design May Have

4 Bonehead Usability Mistakes Your Website Design May Have
If you have too many competitors, missing even 0.1 percent in delivering your audience the best possible experience could turn up fatal for your business. This is why your website must not only be focused around ‘being powerful’ but also on UI and UX that delight your visitors beyond exceptionality, making them your brand fans immediately.
“The game of website designing and development has gone to another level. We’re supposed to be perfect in every department. Good just ain’t doing it anymore,” said the founder of one of the topmost website UI agencies in India. “The website interface should be so that converts the visitors right away,” he added.

How good is your website? Think it is perfect?

Here are 4 bonehead usability blunders that your website design might have:

Using large images (unnecessarily)

Yes, using rich, high-quality graphics look very appealing. Everyone loves it. However, there’s also a flaw here. HD images are usually large in size, which can significantly increase your website loading time. And like we know, even a second of delay in loading time can lead to as much as 50 percent of visitors leaving the website. So avoid large images from the landing pages, if possible.

Very small – or large – fonts

The fonts you use – style and size – plays an equally important role. Nobody wants to stay on a website where to read text they have to squint. No one wants obnoxiously large texts either. So fix your fonts properly; spend some time in choosing the right family and size. DON’T get fancy with the font style. Stick to the simple ones.

Aggressive Popups

Too many popups that create problem in consuming the content on the website gets penalized by Google. Plus, if you’re throwing your visitors multiple sliders, welcome mat, sidebar popup—they will, unsurprisingly, leave your website in no time. So if possible, get rid of popups that look complete unnecessary. They are one of the biggest UX killers.

Parallax (and infinite) Scrolling

Parallax scrolling was a complete craze few years back. And why not really! When background moves slower with the moving foreground, it results in a pretty cool 3D effect. And it looks wonderful. However, less many people know, this also is a very big problem for the mobile users in particular. This element slows down the website, make scroll bar unresponsive at times, and looks kind of ugly on the handheld devices. If your website has parallax scrolling, get rid of it. It fills no purpose whatsoever.
Much like that, infinite scrolling on blogs is just as annoying. Of course, it might keep the visitors engaged by throwing content consistently. However, this feature makes footer (a very important website element) un-functional. To that, endless scrolling also affects SEO negatively.
These are 4 mistakes in your web design that might be downgrading your website’s usability. Fix them immediately. Hire one of the best development and logo design agencies in India and make your website superb that offers the visitors a seamless experience.



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