3 Digital Marketing Trends That Might Come To an End In 2018

3 Digital Marketing Trends That Might Come To an End In 2018
Every trend must come to an end—regardless how great it is. This also includes the new digital marketing steps and techniques that started a few years back. Some of them might be playing with the absolution boundaries this year. And their superior, refined version will take over the scene.
As a business owner or the best marketing agencies in India, you are better off prepared for such changes in this industry by adjusting your own strategies and approach.
To get you started with…
Here are 3 digital marketing trends that might come to an end in 2018:

Chasing long tail keywords

Yes, the much-hyped long-tail keywords might take a back seat from now on. The medium-size keywords along with different variations might take the wheels.
Google RankBrain is in full-fledged now. This algorithm update has completely changed the way we do keyword research. The smart bots now understand the “exact meaning” and the intent of search queries. It doesn’t focus on keywords too much these days. It first understands what the users are asking and then sort out the results based on the usability of the web pages. This usability is judged not entirely by the keyword presence and density on that webpage but through different signals, which includes CTR, bounce rate, dwell time and pogo-sticking.
So stop chasing long-tail keywords now. Start doing what Google (and Bing) has long been asking you to do—provide the most useful content to the people.

Shelling out long-form content

For the past couple of years, we’ve been reading a lot of 2k words articles. And rightly so given the news was out that Google prefers long-form content over the short and thin ones. But now, more of these content producers are finally thinking what about users? Do they want long content?
And the answer to that is NO. With attention span now less than 7-seconds, people don’t want to read endless content. They get bored easily and then leave the website, increasing the bounce rate.
In 2018, the focus will shift from long-form content to smart content. These smart content will be of anywhere around 600-700 words count, and they won’t include any fluffs. They would be direct, straightforward. In short, they would respect the users’ time.

Obsessing number of fans and followers

Even though it was quite evident few years back that it’s a wrong approach, people would still obsess the number of fans and followers on social media.
Fact is, a high number of fans/followers doesn’t mean higher conversion. And businesses, the small ones, in particular, will finally realize it. This year, many of them, along with the marketing agencies, will stop obsessing this end and will start focusing more on the CTR. They would make distinct and personalized strategies to ensure whatever number of fans they have, they are converting and purchasing their products/services.
In 2018, video marketing would remain in the mainstream. So hire best videographers. Content marketing would overshadow everything. So hire the best content writers. And competition will keep growing. So hire the best experts to do competitive analysis.
Prepare yourself and stay ahead in the digital game.



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