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  • Daddies who wear ties and clean poo

    By Saima Iqbal | March 18, 2017

    This happened a few months ago that I was at home talking to a Delhi government official for a radio interview when my kid... Read More

  • Start Up Series #6: The Start Up Infrasrtucture

    By Santanu Ghatak | March 18, 2017

    Continuing our efforts to help Start Up and SME owners in their brand-building projects, we have curated a few articles that we think will... Read More

  • Ad Review: Center Fresh – “Chali Hawa”

    By Santanu Ghatak | March 18, 2017

    A marked departure from the humour tales which Center Fresh has been known for, this piece may just be the tactical blunder which every... Read More

  • Start Up Series #7: Knowing Who To Hire

    By Santanu Ghatak | March 18, 2017

    Continuing our efforts to help Start Up and SME owners in their brand-building projects, we have curated a few articles that we think will... Read More

  • Ad Review: Tata Tea – “Alarm Bajne Se Pehle”

    By Santanu Ghatak | March 18, 2017

    Back after a hiatus, Tata Tea has just come up with its latest piece taking a slice of life look at society again. The... Read More

  • Ad Review: Elle – “Let Her Be, WEvolve”

    By Santanu Ghatak | March 08, 2017

    Imagine you’re a girl, in front of people. The first thing you will do is check how you look and what your clothes show... Read More

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  • We are writing to record our appreciation for the good service that we received from the Yellow Bulbs team. We have received, and continue to receive, a wealth of learning and guidance from all of you, and have found a great vendor partner for the Soxytoes.Com website project through you. Besides our own great experience, we have heard good words about Yellow Bulbs from others as well. We will have no hesitation in recommending your platform to both Start Ups and SMEs, as I think the model is very relevant for all those seeking vendors to fill their marketing needs. Well done and keep up the good performance! Wishing you all possible success!

    Aayush Goenka - Founder & CEO

  • Yellowbulbs is an honest attempt to bring clients and agencies together to produce some great work. Each brief is highly customized and helps in churning out some great ideas. Yellowbulbs is highly helpful and always keeps you informed and updated about the new briefs and clients. Highly recommended!

    Shruti Nair, Co Founder - Social Seety

  • Awesome experience with Needed promoters for BTL activities in Gurgaon. Everything was arranged by them . Nice promoters and agencies provided by Yellowbulbs. Great experience!! Thank you for all the help.

    Abhishek Joshi, Associate City Manager-Delhi&NCR -

  • It was a pleasure dealing with YellowBulbs. The deal went through as they perfectly understood the brief ( and the client) and executed the deal efficiently and professionally. My experience with Yellow Bulbs was great and one I could repeat easily again. What Yellow Bulbs provides is not just marketing advisory but execution and it is crucial to understand and appreciate the difference between the two.

    Dhriti Goenka, Director - Emperor Fine Jewels,Kuala Lumpur

  • India is evolving, so are Indians....with the concept of YellowBulbs creating a marketplace for national agencies to come together and pitch,makes our lives easy and bifurcates the expertise to focus on the right one.. #waytogo

    Nikhil Kashyap, Marketing Consultant - Travel Junkie, Rally Driver

  • Thanks Team YellowBulbs! You made my life so easy by providing the right contact for our in-house nukkad natak activity ! So simple and effortless. Could not have asked for more.

    Ritu Bain, Marketing Manager - Make My Trip

  • While BYT works with clients nationally, it is always a challenge to pursue the sales considering it requires travel. One of the first clients we got from Yellow Bulbs is in Kolkata. Till date we have not met them & that is because of Yellow Bulbs. Their self-serve platform & payment processes make us comfortable as a service provider.

    Faheem Ahmed,CEO - BYT

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