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Online PR Tools

Public relations, an indispensable tool for organizations, is a method through which information is communicated by organizations to the public and media. With the development of the virtual world, the importance of online PR has increased, even though it is very similar to traditional PR. The similarity lies in the concept of spreading information, but the difference lies in the speed of communicating information, the costs and its reach. The best part about this is the ability to measure the influence and reach with real-time analytics.

Example, AIRBNB successfully used online PR media to communicate about their new logo, ‘the Belo’ to its target audience. They created a custom experience and conducted exclusive webinars for selected customers through these PR channels.

Following is a list of tools that can help you become an online PR specialist and create a buzz about your business:

1. Tools for creating PR content

The challenge for online PR starts with developing the right content. It is vital for generating good PR. In fact, 6 out of 10 marketers spend more time in developing content. Following tools will help you with this step:

  • A. This website helps you create better headlines for your content with its headline analyzer tool. It helps in analyzing the quality of headline and rates the ability to receive better SEO, social shares and traffic for your online content.
  • CoSchedule
  • B. (blog-topic-generator): This tool helps in generating ideas for blog writing, relevant to your PR strategy. At times, the ideas you get might seem rather catchy or unusual, but they can be tweaked as per your requirements.
  • Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator

2. Tools to identify influencers or editorial contacts

While developing PR content it is important to find influencers who are interested in your content and can republish and engage with the same. Each of the following tools can help you find editors, journalists or bloggers for topics that you are trying to spread a word about.

  • A. This tool helps you search relevant media contacts on the basis of what they have written or tweeted about. It has a database of millions of influencers globally.
  • Anewstip
  • B. (HARO): This is one of the most widely used tools to search for sources to secure valuable media coverage. It is a free tool that answers daily email queries from reporters who need specific stories.
  • Help A Reporter Out
  • C. This site helps you find relevant journalists and bloggers by searching keywords, competitors’ names, media types etc.
  • MuckRack

3. Tools to submit press release

It is important for your content to receive maximum exposure using good submission services. An organization needs to strike a balance between the free and paid submission tools. The paid tools are economical and charge approximately Rs.1500/- per submission. Following are few of the best tools in this category:

  • A. This site claims to be the one stop business marketplace for distribution of PR content. This site is free for use and also provides resources like company profiles and archives.
  • Screenshot
  • B. This is another free tool to promote your PR content. This site is well integrated with search engines’ news items to curate local content among the audience. It has a paid version as well on which more details like logos and company profiles can be shared.
  • Newswiretoday
  • C. Apart from distributing PR content, this site also supports building brand awareness, increasing visibility on web and enhancing exposure through social media. This site has a freemium model of charging customers.
  • 24-7 Press Release

4. Tools to monitor the influence

This is one of the biggest benefits of online PR. Your campaign’s performance can be easily measured. In case something isn’t working, it can be pivoted easily. The following tools help to track everything from the time an email is opened including the social shares and lifetime performance data.

  • A. Google Alerts: One can request alerts for particular words or subjects over email through this tool. The interesting part of this tool is that it scans content across webpages, news items, blogs, social media and research.
  • Google Alerts
  • B. Social Mention: This platform aggregates user generated content from across the World Wide Web into a single stream of information. It also tracks content across video channels like YouTube.
  • Social Mention
  • C. This tool provides the complete analytics and content intelligence in an intuitive interface. It also helps to convert social media conversations into actionable sales leads.
  • Viralheat

There are a few additional steps like link building and outreach tools for a developing successful online PR strategy. Each of these categories have hundreds of paid and free innovative tools. Using these tools in an integrated manner to achieve best results for the organization is important. Remember, negativity spreads faster than good news and using these tools efficiently is where the line is drawn.

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